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Running your own business is a dream that many people share. And the windshield chip repair industry is probably one of the most stable, profitable small businesses that you can enter today. If you're considering 'going pro', then quality windshield repair training is a must, if you want to do the type of work that will sustain your business. This page is dedicated to getting you the basic information you'll need to secure the necessary training.

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Some may ask, 'why go through formal training'? Naturally, there are those out there who have a fear or dislike of attending any type of formal class, even if it only takes a few hours (like many windshield chip repair classes do). That's understandable to a certain extent. And some of those same people are the type who can simply buy a kit, go through their own 'school of hard knocks' experimenting on an old windshield with minimal instructions, and come out on the other end making fairly decent repairs.

But the better question (and answer) is, 'why not go through formal training'? Even if you're handy enough that you're making fair-quality repairs by 'training' yourself, why would you not invest a few hours in yourself to be formally trained, be qualified to do better work, and perform the type of quality chip repairs that your customers will tell their friends about? Ask yourself these questions... when a potential customer calls asking about my service, what if they ask, 'Are you certified to do the work?' When you pay for that Yellow Pages ad, then notice that your competitor's ad reads 'Certified by the NWRA', which one do you think most people would prefer to call? How will your credibility look when you approach a used car dealership looking for wholesale work, then you tell them you have no formal windshield repair training or certification?


Of course, classes can cost a few hundred dollars, but that's only a sliver of the money you could make in a year, or over your lifetime, for that matter. And it's very likely that your education investment will be tax-deductible as a business expense. Long story short, investing a few hundred dollars, and a few hours of your time, can make a huge difference in both your self confidence, and the confidence that customers will put into your abilities to make quality windshield repairs.

Types of Windshield Repair Training Available

Like many education options today, windshield chip repair training comes in many different forms. Options available to prospective windshield repair trainees include learn-at-home video courses, online training, and hands-on training. Understandably, all students are different, and have different goals, so each course has its own merit depending upon your specific needs.

Watch-At-Home Windshield Repair Training Videos

If you're mechanically-inclined and a fast learner, then a video course may carry you a long way. But naturally, a video can't tell you when you're doing something wrong, or show you ways you can improve a certain technique. For this reason, even if you take the video training route, we recommend that you consider 'shadowing' a local windshield repair tech for a day. Contact a local (or out-of-town) repair shop through the yellow pages or our online windshield repair business directory, and see if they'll let you follow a repair tech around for the day. Consider offering the tech a small fee for the day's training, and that may sweeten the deal.

Afterwards, consider taking the Online Certification Course that's available through the National Windshield Repair Association. You'll need to have been making windshield repairs for six months before the certification takes effect, but it'll definitely look nice to see that endorsement added to your business description. And regardless, you can take the certification course now --even if you don't have 6 months of experience-- and the certification will still apply once the six-month mark rolls around. If you're so inclined, taking these steps in combination can help you make the most of your windshield repair training, including certification, without ever needing to leave your hometown to get it done.


Online Windshield Repair Training

Choosing the online training option adds an extra degree of quality to the mix, by making the training interactive. Instead of just following along with a video, you're actually having to put information back into the system, and get correction when the info is wrong. This is definitely a better training option than a simple video, as it will help to keep you from 'fooling yourself' into believing you've got all the info straight.

Even so, the point to make once again is that getting training from a computer screen is not the same thing as getting in-person training. Although the online system will give you some feedback when you respond incorrectly, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses with respect to how they learn, and how fast they learn. You may need a little extra emphasis on a particular aspect of the training that's not given in the online course. For this reason, we still recommend that you find a local, or out-of-town windshield repair tech that you can 'shadow' for a day. You can find them in the Yellow Pages of most any given city, or in our growing windshield repair business directory. Offer the tech a small fee for training, because his hands-on experience is invaluable to your success. Not only will the tech be able to help you with issues you had during your online training, they may be able to introduce you to new techniques not even covered by the online course.

Once again, strongly consider getting your certification through the National Windshield Repair Association. You can do this online for a small fee. Not only will this help you to become well-rounded in your windshield repair education, but it will add to your own confidence, and your credibility in front of prospective customers.


In-Person Windshield Repair Training

Of course, the very best training available is done in-person, and this is available at numerous locations around the country, from many different vendors. Certain courses are available that last only a few hours. Some courses take all day, and a few will last two days or more. It's very likely that for most people of average intelligence, the half-day schools are adequate to get you pointed in the right direction. But if you have the time and money, taking the longer courses certainly wouldn't hurt. And even though you could 'shadow' a windshield repair tech in your hometown instead of hiring a formal trainer, the training is only as good as the tech you shadow. Besides, the local repair tech may not be overly eager to give you all of his secrets, considering you're going to become his local competition.

Once you've completed your in-person training, consider earning your certification though the National Windshield Repair Association once you're back home. You can do this online, for a small fee and very little time invested. Doing this will give you two great accreditations to show your prospective customers – your formal repair training certificate, and your certification through the NWRA. Having both of these things on your side will give you a strong influence to make the sell to customers who are researching for the best company to make their windshield repair. It'll help to give you the confidence you need too, when you're facing your customers.

In short, you've got a multitude of options available when it come to when, where, and how your training will occur, and how detailed the training will be. Needless to say, the more thought and care you put into the training period, the better qualified you'll be. The relatively short time you put into your initial training can help you toward building a reputation of doing quality work. It can teach you techniques that help you do quality work faster, which translates into the ability to make more money per day. And it can help you approach each job with the confidence that your work is based on a foundation of quality training and certification.


List of Schools offering Windshield Repair Training

Here is a growing list of schools that offer various forms of windshield repair training. If you'd like your school considered for listing, just let us know at support@windshieldchiprepairs.com . All listings are free of charge.

Note: These sites are not owned or maintained by WindshieldChipRepairs.com. As such, we cannot be responsible for their content. This is not intended to be a complete list of all available windshield repair schools. Listings here do not constitute an endorsement of any company.


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