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Windshield Crack Repair

Waking up to find a crack in your windshield doesn't have to be the ruin of your day. Thanks to modern windshield repair techniques, you can have a quality fix made on your vehicle for very little cost, and even have the work done at your home or office.

It has happened to most all of us... you're driving down the road on a perfect day, thinking out your day while the miles fly by. Then you're nearly startled out of your seat by a loud 'pop', and you realize that you now have a small rock peck on your windshield. Not a big deal, not that visible, it's not going to ruin your day.

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You continue on safely to your destination, and after a few days, forget that the rock peck even occurred. That is, until one morning, on the way to work, you notice that the 'peck' has turned into an 8-inch-long crack. Today's not starting out well, you think, as you begin to try figuring out when you'll fit a windshield replacement into your schedule and budget.

This is a scenario that plays out daily in the lives of so many different drivers. But thanks to modern windshield crack repair techniques, it doesn't have to ruin your week. Your windshield repair can often be scheduled over the phone, to have the repair done on the same day, on-site at your home or office. The only way it could be more convenient is if you had been able to avoid the damage in the first place.


You don't have to do without your vehicle because it's in a shop undergoing a windshield replacement. You don't have to worry about leaks from an improper windshield replacement. And you don't have to worry about paying an expensive deductible to have the windshield replaced... in fact, if you opt to have the windshield repaired instead of replaced, your insurance company will likely totally waive your deductible cost.

What Techniques are used in Windshield Crack Repair?

There are varying techniques used to repair a windshield crack, but basically they all involve injecting a special clear resin into the damaged area, replacing the air gap with a transparent, extremely durable repair fluid. Sometimes this fluid is dropped directly into the crack from a container, and sometimes it is injected using a pressurized device. The technician may apply pressure to the inside of the windshield, either by hand or through the use of a special device, to temporarily open up the crack a little, which facilitates easier flow of the resin into the damaged area.


After injection, the resin is then 'cured' using a special ultraviolet light, and over a few minutes, becomes extremely hardened. The technician then removes excess resin from the area, and you're left with a practically invisible repair. From start to finish, the whole process can be completed in less than a half hour, right at your home or office. Longer cracks in excess of a few inches may require more time to repair... but since the repair can be made on-site, there's no need to keep you waiting somewhere you don't need to be.

In the scenario used here, the obvious correct action would have been to schedule a windshield repair back when the 'crack' was just a 'peck.' Sealing the trouble spot then would have prevented a virtually unnoticeable windshield ding from turning into a distracting eyesore. It's very important to have all windshield damage repaired as soon as possible

Arranging a repair right away helps to prevent repair problems that arise from the the intrusion of dirt and/or chemicals into the damage pit. Once the pit or crack is contaminated with these foreign materials, it becomes significantly tougher, if it's possible at all, for the technician to make a quality, clear repair to the damaged area. Getting repairs done quickly is the key here.


Gone are the days when you had to either live with distracting windshield cracks, or fork up the time and money to have the windshield replaced. Cracks to your windshield can now be repaired in a way that's minimally intrusive to your life, and your checkbook. With help just a phone call away, there's no need to let a windshield crack put a damper on your otherwise great week.


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