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Have a cracked or chipped windshield? Thanks to modern windshield chip repair techniques, you may not have to replace the entire windshield. Windshield repair can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of replacing the windshield, often in less than 30 minutes.

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What is Windshield Chip Repair?

Thanks to advances in windshield chip repair, you no longer have to live with cracks, stars, and 'bullseyes' in your windshield. You can have solid, long-lasting repairs made on site, quickly, and inexpensively. Windshield repair involves using a new method of repairing minor damage to your vehicle's windshield, using specialized equipment and clear resins to fill the damaged area. With an 80-percent improvement or more over the original damaged condition, a well-done windshield repair is virtually invisible.

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What's the Cost?

Put simply, a fraction of the cost of having the windshield replaced. Pricing can vary from business to business, with regard to the type of damage needing repair, difficulty level of the repair, etc. But don't be surprised if your chip repair can be made for under $100. Need multiple spots on your windshield repaired? You'll usually get a deep discount for multiple repairs made on the same visit.

Repairing your windshield will likely cost only a fraction of what replacement costs would have been, especially if your windshield incorporates any kind of advanced technology, such as radio antennas, moisture sensors or other equipment. Windshield repair businesses usually give free estimates, so contact a local shop for the specifics on the cost of your repair.


How Much Time will be required for the Repair?

Windshield chip and crack repair is usually a speedy process, often taking less than 30 minutes to complete. And remember, regardless of the time required to make repairs, because these technicians will often come to you, getting the repair done doesn't have to keep you tied up somewhere you don't need to be. The technician can make the repair on site, right where you work, shop or live. Windshield repair is your best option for most small chips or cracks, saving you money and time.

What kind of damage can be fixed through Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is the perfect option for the small pecks and cracks we all get in our windshield chipwindshields. Generally speaking, common chip damage from rocks, such as what are known as 'bullseyes', 'stars', 'combination breaks', and small cracks a few inches in length are very repairable through this technology. Longer cracks, up to 24 inches in length, may also be repairable. Depending upon severity of damage, windshield repair technicians may be unable to repair damage incurred in the 'acute area' of your windshield, i.e., the roughly 8" by 11" area directly above the steering wheel. Significant damage, such as the large areas often affected by a baseball strike, will likely require a complete windshield replacement. Contact a windshield repair technician in your area to help determine the repair that's right for you.


Would I be Better Off Just Getting a Windshield Replacement?

In most cases of rock damage, absolutely not. Most rock damage 1 inch in diameter or less, or cracks that are 24 inches in length or less, will likely be repairable. Windshield repair will probably be much less expensive than replacement, and you won't have to worry about the risk of leaks that can come with an entire windshield replacement. You'll retain the original factory car equipment, without running the risk of a cheaper-made aftermarket windshield being installed. And you'll help the environment, since windshields cannot be recycled due to the way they are manufactured.

Can you give me more specifics on the Repair Method?

Windshield repair involves cleaning the affected area, then using a specialized tool to inject an advanced, clear resin into the damage area. A vacuum is then created using the same piston tool while it's sealed over the damage, which helps to remove air windshield repair injector bridgebubbles from the resin mixture. The vacuum/injection cycle is often repeated at least once, to ensure all air bubbles are removed from the repair area. Multiple viscosities of the repair resin may be used in an effort to ensure that resin reaches the farthest edge of all cracks caused from the original damage.

After the resin injection stage is successfully completed, the piston instrument is removed, and a small additional amount of resin placed over the chip opening. This extra resin is then covered by a small piece of transparent film. The resin placed in the damaged area is then 'cured' using an ultraviolet light for a few minutes. The small piece of film is then removed, followed by the final polishing of the affected area.


Will the work be covered under my Auto Insurance?

When done properly, windshield repairs are strong (stronger than the original glass), long-lasting, and practically invisible. Insurance companies respect the quality and durability of windshield repair, and most will cover the costs involved. In fact, if you use a windshield repair technician to make repairs to your vehicle, your insurance company will likely waive the deductible, and the repair would be done without costing you a penny. Be sure to check with your insurance company prior to having repairs made, to ensure all necessary paperwork and approvals are taken care of.

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